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About me


I combine a strong scholarly research record and robust teaching experience with an extensive pre-PhD professional background in program evaluation and applied research.


Dr. Leanne Giordono is an experienced social scientist with over two decades conducting both applied and scholarly research. She brings a combination of experience with social and environmental issues, expertise using qualitative and quantitative methods, and collaboration with a variety of stakeholders. Leanne spent almost 15 years providing external evaluation and technical assistance services to public-sector and nonprofit clients, including a decade with her own Oregon-based business. She also has considerable experience teaching public policy and related courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.Her research interests are focused on understanding programmatic and public policy decisions – especially those that reflect global economic and climatic shifts. She received her PhD in Public Policy from Oregon State University and holds an MPA from Princeton University.

Scholarly Research Interests

Current Employment

I am currently the Director of Evaluation and Reporting at Oregon State University's Extension Service. In this role, I am responsible for envisioning, developing, leading and supporting a cohesive process for evaluation and reporting between and among Extension programs. I also contribute expertise and vision for strategic alignment of evaluation and reporting activities related to OSU Engagement.

I have experience with both quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as a long history of conducting contract-based program evaluation and policy analysis for public agencies and non-profit organizations.

I tend to take a multi-disciplinary approach to evaluation and research, drawing on various research traditions (e.g., Political Science, Sociology and Economics), depending on the research question(s) of interest.

My scholarly research interests focus on the field of public policy, spanning three main areas: policy process, governance and program evaluation/policy analysis. My scholarship ranges from the determinants of policy decisions and governance practices to the impact of public policy decisions on individuals, households and communities.


My primary substantive expertise is social policy, especially policies focused on increasing self-sufficiency and social inclusion. I also have growing experience with research related to stakeholder and policy responses to emerging energy and environmental issues.

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