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My Research Interests

Individuals and Families

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 Advocacy Coalitions

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Programs, Public Policy and Governance

My research interests revolve around the intersection between stakeholders, key policy actors, policy decisions and governance, with a broad interest in how place-based and identity-based communities (attempt to) influence state and local government policy and governance decisions, and conversely, how they are impacted by policy decisions.


I am building a research agenda that draws from my experience in a variety of substantive areas to understand how individuals and families, coalitions and communities engage in and influence policymaking and governance processes, as well as how policy decisions impact such communities, especially in the face of global economic and climatic shifts.

I have a strong background in social policy issues, especially those that target low-income and disadvantaged populations, such as self-sufficiency programs, long-term services/supports and employment/training programs. I also have growing familiarity with environmental and energy issues, including climate change adaptation and renewable energy development.


In both of these substantive areas, I am most interested in how individuals, coalitions and communities influence, and are influenced by, the policy and governance processes.

Research Approach

I take a multi-disciplinary approach to research. I have a robust foundation in public policy process frameworks and public administration theory, to which I add a strong background in economics (e.g., labor and welfare economics) and sociology (e.g., social movements theory).


My methods are similarly heterodox. I have used both correlational methods (e.g., difference-in-difference design) and set theoretic methods (e.g., fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis), and prefer to let the research questions, theoretical framework and data availability drive methodological choices.



Giordono, L., Siddiqi, M. U. A., Stelmach, G., Zanocco, C., Flora, J., & Boudet, H. (2023). Trial by Fire: Support for Mitigation and Adaptation Policy after the 2020 Oregon Wildfires. Weather, Climate, and Society.


Giordono, L., Rothwell, D., and Weber, B. (2023). The Oregon Earned Income Credit’s Impact on Child Poverty. Journal of Poverty, n/a(n/a). http://10.1080/10875549.2023.2173709


Peterson, H., Zanocco, C., and Giordono, L. (2023). Minors can have major effects: Insights about Alabamian household climate adaptation behaviors following the 2020 hurricane season. Journal of Society and Natural Resources, n/a(n/a).

Siddiqi, M. U.A, Giordono, L., Zanocco, C., Stelmach, G., Flora, J., & Boudet, H. (2023). Disaster preparedness and community helping behaviour in the wake of the 2020 Oregon wildfires. Disasters, n/a(n/a).


Giordono, L., Flora, J., Zanocco, C., and Boudet, H. (2022) Food Practice Lifestyles and Implications for Energy Sustainability. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 19(9), 5638.

Giordono, L., Rothwell, D. W., Grutzmacher, S., & Edwards, M. (2022). Understanding SNAP Use Patterns Among Older Adults. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, n/a(n/a).


Giordono, L., Zanocco, C., Peterson, H., & Boudet, H. (2022). Shelter from the storm: How perceived extreme event experience and government trust shape public support for climate change mitigation policy in the United States. Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy, rhc3.12250.

Rothwell, D., Giordono, L., and Stawski, R. (2022). Can Financial Capability Explain State Variation in Emergency Savings? Disentangling the Individual and Contextual Contribution. Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Zanocco, C., Stelmach, G., Giordono, L., Flora, J., & Boudet, H. (2022). Poor Air Quality during Wildfires Related to Support for Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Society & Natural Resources, 0(0), 1–15.



Giordono, L. (2021). Taking a Policy Process Approach to Illuminate the Political Nature of Disability Policymaking. Evidence & Policy.

Giordono, L., Gard-Murray, A., and Boudet, H. (2021). From Peril to Promise? Local Mitigation and Adaptation Decisions after Extreme Weather. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.


Giordono, L., Boudet, H., & Gard-Murray, A. (2021). Using fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) to Explain Local Adaptation Policy Responses to Extreme Weather. In P. A. Mello, Qualitative Comparative Analysis: An Introduction to Research Design and Application. Georgetown University Press.

Giordono, L., Steel, B. and McMorris, C. (2021). State Economic Inequality and Incivility. In Lovrich N., Benjamin F., Pierce J. and Schreckhise W. (Eds) Outside Looking In: Lobbyists’ Views on Civil Discourse in U.S. State Legislatures. WSU Press.


McMorris, C., Steel, B. & Giordono, L. (2021). The Urban/Rural Divide and Political Incivility in State Legislatures. In Lovrich N., Benjamin F., Pierce J. and Schreckhise W. (Eds) Outside Looking In: Lobbyists’ Views on Civil Discourse in U.S. State Legislatures. WSU Press.


Giordono, L. (2020) From Employment Optional to “Employment First”: Explaining Two Cases of State-level Disability Policy Change. Public Policy and Administration.

Giordono, L., Boudet H., and Gard-Murray, A. (forthcoming). Local Adaptation Policy Responses to Extreme Weather Events.

Rothwell, D., Giordono, L., & Robson, J. (2020). Public income transfers and wealth accumulation at the bottom: Within and between country differences in Canada and the United States. Social Policy & Administration, spol.12629.

Prior to 2020

See current CV

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Work in Progress

Gard-Murray, A., Giordono, L., and Boudet, H. (in progress). Do Focusing Events Focus Attention? Text Analysis of Climate Discourse after Extreme Weather Events (Current status: manuscript under preparation)

Giordono, L., (in progress). Following the Path to Policy Change: Oregon 2020 Wildfires as a Focusing Event. (Current status: manuscript under preparation)


Giordono, L., (in progress). What is the Role of the Safety Net after Extreme Weather Events? A Scoping Review (Current status: manuscript under preparation)


Giordono, L., (in progress). States as Laboratories: Disability Policy Change in a Nested Subsystem. (Current status: manuscript under preparation for upcoming book on the Advocacy Coalition Framework)

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Selected Client Reports

Rothwell, D., Giordono, L. & Weber, B. (2020). Initial Findings from the Oregon Poverty Measure Project: 2017. Corvallis, OR: The Ford Family Foundation and Providence Health Foundation.

Giordono, L., Lodewick, K. & Michon, S. (2013). The National Fund for Workforce Solutions: Data Brief 2013.  Boston, MA: National Fund for Workforce Solutions.

Lodewick, K. & Giordono, L.  (2009) Human Services Plan for Lane County.  Eugene, OR: Program and Policy Insight.


Giordono, L. & Lodewick, K. (2007). Comprehensive Needs Assessment for the Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Final Report.  Eugene, OR: Program and Policy Insight, December 2007.


McNeal, N., Giordono, L., & Lodewick, K.  (2006) Denver TANF Evaluation Project: Final Report.  Salem, OR: Public Knowledge.


Schimmenti, J., Gamse, B., Giordono, L., Kupfer, A., & Smith, W.C., and Weiland, C. (2003). Evaluation of the Equipped for the Future Reading Project Pilot: Final Report.  Cambridge, MA:  Abt Associates, Inc.


Giordono, L., Checkoway, A., Koepnick, R., & Jastrzab, J. (2002) Evaluation of the Hanley Career and Technical Program.  Cambridge, MA: Abt Associates, Inc.


Hebert, S., Giordono, L., & Dun Rappaport, C. (2002) Initiative to Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness in Workforce Development: Year End Report of the Assessment Team. Cambridge, MA: Abt Associates, Inc.


Jastrzab, J., Bernstein, L., Litin, L., Braat-Campbell, S., Stickney, E., Artis, E., & Giordono, L. (2001) A Profile of AmeriCorps Members at Baseline.  Cambridge, MA:  Abt Associates, Inc.


McGahey, R., Levin, M., Heald, A., & Giordono, L. (2001) Evaluating the Workforce Innovation Networks (WINs): A Report to the Ford Foundation.  Cambridge, MA: Abt Associates, Inc.

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