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Miller, D. (2020, October 26). OSU researchers develop more accurate measure of Oregon poverty. In Oregon Public Broadcasting's Think Out Loud.

Media Clippings

Giordono, L., Boudet, H., Zanocco, C. (2021, August 19). This Year’s Extreme Fires and Floods May Change What Americans Think About Climate Change, Our Research Finds. Washington Post

Weill, K. (2020, September 15). America is on fire, and it’s an inequality nightmare. The Daily Beast.

Toussaint, K., & Toussaint, K. (2020, September 2).

Natural disasters can inspire better local climate change policies—if they’re notably deadly or weird. Fast Company.

KTVZ New Source. (2020, August 4). Study: Most Americans don’t have assets to withstand 3 months without income. KTVZ.


Blog Posts

Cairney, P., & Giordono, L. (2019, August 11). Policy Concepts in 1000 Words: how do policy theories describe policy change? Retrieved August 12, 2019, from Paul Cairney:  Politics & Public Policy website:

Boudet, H., Giordono, L., & Zanocco, C. (2019, March 15). Do Extreme Weather Events Spur Action on Climate Change? Evidence of Muted Mobilization in 15 U.S. Communities. Retrieved August 12, 2019, from Mobilizing Ideas website:

Feature Stories

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